LOLA Ep 135- Get Out of Bronze

Episode Description:

This Episode features the following:

    • Series – Climbing the Ranked Ladder
      • Our experiences in Bronze
      • Who is in bronze?


  • What are some low hanging fruits


        • CS better
        • Burst someone when you’re going to die
        • Don’t Run when you can’t get away
        • Correct Itemization
        • Warding/Map Awareness


  • Die less


    • Mindset and Expectations
      • Don’t be toxic
    • Meta and what champions to play and ban?
    • How we all climbed out of bronze
      • Sam – Kassadin w/ Mejai’s. Learned how to play and build Kassadin, did not over commit to fights and stayed at 20 stacks. Eventually hit ridiculous hypercarry status to carry the game
      • Blake – Picked one champion and learned to play at a silver level. Then climbed easily through bronze
      • Tyler – Reduced his champion pool to Renekton and Malphite as they are simple but causes a lot of impact in teamfights. Started to watch vods and learn about the mistake he was making
  • Email from DWalk74 – Viability of Leona Support


  • Community Episode Tuesday February 28th at 8 CST – Bring your Questions about Patch 7.4 and Climbing out of Bronze
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  • Michael James Cassizzi Jr

    When does the actual episode start? 7 minutes in and you guys are talking about strippers.

    • Sam Han

      Sorry Michael, yeah I think from now on we will put a time stamp in the episode description so that you can skip all the warmup, catch up, and banter for those that don’t enjoy it. Thanks for the input. It starts around 9:00 minutes.

      • Michael James Cassizzi Jr

        You needn’t apologize. Actually, I’m sorry for the way I commented — it was rude, and I apologize. But yeah, time stamps for something like this are probably a good idea.