LOLA Ep 103 – Illaoi Tips, Sleiyer, and Teamfighting


This Episodes Features the following:

  • 60s Tip – Illaoi
  • The Struggle – Team Coordination w/ Sleiyer
  • Leaguecraft 101 – Team Fighting


Extra Links (if needed)

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Taliyah’s Theme @riotgames



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  • #BlameMeForLowAudio

  • Satednotstirred

    I believe sleyier is the most stubborn listener you have brought on you both gave excellent tips that I don’t think he really fully understood basically everything about MACRO GAME the big big BIG picture not just a tower or two I’d love to give some tips maybe he could consider Satednotstirred on league great podcast guys like always
    Ps sorry for poor English little sleep deprived and a wee bit drunk

    • JustCasual

      if you’re drunk, you’re doing it right

      • Satednotstirred

        My hero