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Patch 7.12- LOLA Ep 148

Episode Description:


Want to skip the intro banter? Start at 05:40

This Episode features the following:

  • Discussion about patch 7.12. We touch upon Riot’s revisit to Kindred and Rek’Sai, their work on Rumble and their attempts at balancing Xayah and Zac. Also this patch we see a number of support item changes and we take a few minutes to discuss those. We round off with a discussion of what the current meta is and give you some champs to pick up if you are looking to climb.


  • montage as always #LOLAPlays or #LOLAFails
  • Community Games every Wednesday at 9pm EST or 8pm CST. Your calls have been answered. We will be hosting shoutcasted 5v5 matches, with teams made up of a few hosts and community members with the remaining hosts shoutcasting the games for you. These games will be up on YouTube.
  • Episode 150 is coming up!


Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Yasuo vs Riven – @riotgames

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Minisode 09 – Faster Games, Rift Herald, and Coaching

Welcome to another Minisode thanks to our awesome Patreon Donators. This month’s minisode, JustCasual and GundayMonday talk about 3 popular topics in the League of Legends scene during the month of May:

  1. Is Riot Making the Game faster?
  2. Rift Herald
  3. Is getting a coach for League of Legends worth it?

Relevant Links:

  1. Summoner School Post about Riot making the game faster:
  2. League of Graphs game duration:
  3. Kelsey Moser’s Article on Rift Herald:
  4. Beyond The Rift Coaching Topic:

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